We stay energized and motivated by continually asking ourselves "what's next?" and how can we expand our and our client's horizons both in terms of design product choices and final project satisfaction. At present, we are researching and observing Green building trends and options – both for the various construction phases of a gut-renovation project and the finishing/decorative stages of an interior design/decorative project – in the hopes of offering an array of Green alternatives to our clients (in part or in whole) as viable options.

We are doing this primarily through our proactive involvement (recently joined the USGBC or U.S. Green Building Council), research (Web-based, seminars, industry events) and education (AIA and LEEDS workshops) in the Green construction and interior design product industries. We are also in the process of assembling a comprehensive database of premium Green-specific resources encompassing cutting edge products, materials and finishes, and manufacturers/contractors with whom we can collaborate in this effort. As a society, we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in terms of how we perceive experience and live with Green, environmentally conscious products. Luxury/high-quality and Green are no longer opposing terms.