As the principal of the firm, I am forward-thinking and contemporary, with inspiration from many different design styles, periods, movements and cultures. I like clean, airy, uncluttered, subtle and elegant spaces where light is an important element and where rooms, spaces and textures move and breathe into one another (the open-plan concept). I am inspired by nature and its forms, textures and palettes; I like the expression and purity of natural materials and attention to detail. These elements and approaches are reflective, in whole or in part, of early- and mid-twentieth century modern architecture and interior design, Japanese architecture and aesthetics, the expansive, open, urban lofts of NYC, and the timelessness, order, grandeur and hierarchy of spaces found in classical architecture and design.

When designing, I take an inclusionary approach. As a New Yorker, I view life and therefore design from a multicultural, multi-sensory perspective, where contrast, juxtaposition and tension are not perceived as negative things but rather elements that inspire and enrich. This is important in order to provide complexity yet balance – to challenge while embracing the observer and inhabitant of the space. When tension is omitted, it can too often result in a one-dimensional, short-lived environment and experience.

I strive to provide timeless and unique spaces. I am not focused on what the current trend is – good design must withstand the test of time – nor am I trying to push a design agenda. As a designer, I am always evolving so I try to challenge myself and my clients to think a bit outside the box and their comfort zones. Just as they are individuals, their homes should be a reflection of their individuality and self-expression. I like to believe that I can facilitate a tangible increase in the day-to-day quality of life for my clients and their families by providing a uniquely singular space and environment that they can grow into and are continually stimulated and enriched by.

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